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Also see the CLSP student seminar.


See the external speaker schedule spreadsheet for the most up-to-date information about current and future speakers. This list includes speakers planned for the current and next semester; it is subject to change. The seminar calendar page on the CLSP website shows the official schedule and links to the seminar announcement mailing list.

See the seminar video list on the CLSP website for past speakers and videos of their talks.

Be an active participant

Students are encouraged to (1) volunteer to host external speakers, and (2) sign up for meetings.

Kevin's rule of thumb is: every student should host or meet at least 3 speakers per semester. Why? This is your chance to gain broader exposure to research/industry ideas outside of CLSP, and build personal connections for the future.

For those on the fence, consider this:

  • Q: What if I don’t know what to talk about in the meetings or student-hosted lunches?
  A: Talk about your own research: current work, previous work. Ask questions about the speaker’s work & work environment
  • Q: What if I’m shy?
  A: That’s even more reason to practice chatting via meetings. Sign-up with a friend or two.
  • Q: What if I work in a different field?
  A: You never know what field you will work in the future. All knowledge is connected. 
  • Q: What if I don’t have time?
 A: This short meeting might be your best investment during your N years here: thesis idea, future job, new friend to hang out at conferences

--Kduh (talk) 14:31, 26 September 2017 (EDT)

Student host responsibilities

(a) Coordinate by email with the speaker (cc’ing the faculty host) a few days beforehand to see whether she or he would like to be walked over to CLSP in the morning from the hotel (usually the Colonnade north of campus). This is generally done at 9:45 (fifteen minutes before the first meeting), but please consult the schedule to make sure this is the best time.

(b) Organize a student lunch with the speaker beginning at 1:15 (immediately following the talk). You should aim for a group of 3–4 with a budget of about $15 per person. Please pick up the tab and submit it to Ruth following lunch. Per JHU accounting regulations, an itemized receipt is required. Common destinations include Niwana, The Dizz, Paper Moon Café, Charmingtons, Tambers and Gertrude’s.

(c) Before the talk, at 11:45, be at the seminar room in case the speaker needs help to get set up for their talk. Please ensure the speaker has a bottle of water; you might also want to offer to get a coffee or small snack before the talk starts.

(d) Encourage your fellow labmates to sign-up to meet the speaker

Please contact Kevin Duh for any questions, comments, or suggestions.