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Upcoming Seminar

Speaker : Ashish Verma, IBM Research, India

Bio : Ashish Verma received his Ph. D degree from Indian Instiute of Technology, Delhi in 2006 in the area of voice conversion. He is working as a Research Staff Member at IBM Research - India, since 1998 and currently managing the Contact Center and Speech Technologies group. At IBM, he has been involved in several projects, such as automatic spoken language evaluation, audio-visual speech recognition, voice of customer analytics, speech recognition system for Indian languages, etc. His areas of interest include speech processing, text mining and pattern recognition. Ashish is a senior member of IEEE.

Title: Analytics for Contact Centers

Venue : Steiff Building/810, Wyman Park Drive,Baltimore, Maryland 21211-2840

Date/Time : Nov 6, 12:00 pm

Abstract: In this talk, we would cover some of the research challenges involved in contact center analytics. In the first half of the talk, I would present methods to evaluate spoken English skills of a person, in particular, spoken fluency and syllable stress pattern.The proposed fluency evaluation technique (ICASSP 2009) uses a combination of novel prosodic and lexical features to produce performance comparable to human assessors in contact centers. For syllable stress evaluation, we will see how using a categorization based on acoustic-phonetic paradigm improves syllable classification accuracy (Speech Communication 2009). In the second part of the talk, I would present the work on how to utilize a human refined set of text clusters to perform improved clustering in a related domain (ICDM 2009). I would also highlight the business importance of these techniques in the contact center domain.