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[Note from Carl Pupa, Feb 2016: see for more up-to-date information.]

Printers available:

  • clspcolor2 (in the CLSP office)
  • clsplaser2 (in CSEB 321)
  • clspxerox (?)
  • clsplaser3 (not accepting jobs as of 2008-05-06)

See also:

On windows, If you're having difficulty printing, check your printer settings:

In control panel > hardware and sound > devices and printers, go into printer properties under the device settings tab. Make sure "Use Department ID Management" is checked and in its settings all field are empty and unchecked except "Confirm Department ID/Pin when printing". Make sure "Set User Information" is checked and in its settings you should enter your jhed and "confirm user information when performing secure print". All other fields should be empty.