Introduction to the MARCC grid

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Easy login

After setting up two-factor-authorization, we still need to type a 6-digit code every time we login. Here is a trick to walk around it.

First, we access the website below and get YourVerificationCode:

Create a file named *marcc* in home directory '~' with content:

#!/usr/bin/env expect
set key [exec oathtool --totp -b  YourVerificationCode]
spawn ssh -fNM  marcc
expect "Verification code:"
send "$key\r\n"
set pass YourPassWord
expect "Password:"
send "$pass\r"

Then to login, we just need to type:

expect marcc
ssh marcc

Occasionally, this fails. Then we can do:

ssh marcc
ctrl+c (when asked for verification code}
expect marcc
ssh marcc