Python on the CLSP grid

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Python (version 2.7.13) is installed on the CLSP grid at


Python3 (version 3.5.3) is installed on the CLSP grid at


Local installs

If some Python package that you need is not installed on the grid, it is often possible to install it by a command such as

pip install --user <package-name>


It is possible to use a virtual environment for python using anaconda/conda.

To install anaconda (to your local directory), follow the instructions. The basic usage is available at here.

Making a virtual environment

A virtual environment are useful when installing packages specifically for a given project.

 virtualenv -p `which python2` ~/my-virtual-env-name
 source ~/my-virtual-env-name/bin/activate
 pip install --upgrade pip
 pip install -r my-project-requirements.txt

The `source ~/my-virtual-env-name/bin/activate` loads this particular virtual environment. And should be included in any qsub scripts which utilizes these packages.