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This page is for the Robust ASR reading group. The topics of the reading group will be - Robust ASR, E2E ASR, Speech Enhancement and Source Separation.

Meeting: Thursdays, 11:00AM-12:00PM, Hackerman 306. Contact Shinji Watanabe or Aswin Subramanian to be added to the mailing list and slack channel.

For general advice on presenting, see instructions on how to present in reading group.

The basics:

  • Everyone will be expected to present at least 1 paper. We'll decide on the presenters for each week at the beginning of the semester.
  • Presenters are expected to send the material (papers with the supplementary reading material) to all the participants about a week before they present.
  • The participants are expected to read the material before coming for the meeting.

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title Link
Nov 20, 10am Yusuke Fujita Deep Clustering and Deep Attractor Networks slides paper1 paper2 paper3
Nov 29, 9am Matthew Wiesner Attention Is All You Need/Transformer tutorial paper
Dec 6, 9am Nanxin Chen POSTERIOR ATTENTION MODELS FOR SEQUENCE TO SEQUENCE LEARNING paper supplement1 supplement2
Dec 13, 9am Murali Karthick Baskar BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers paper

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title Link
Jan 17, 9am Shinji Watanabe, Aswin Subramanian NeurIPS 2018 Summary paper1 paper2 paper3
Jan 24, 9am Yusuke Fujita, Murali Karthick, Jaejin Cho NeurIPS 2018 Summary paper1 paper2 paper3
Jan 31, 9am Xiaofei Wang Introduction to Beamforming paper
Feb 7, 11am Xiaofei Wang A Consolidated Perspective on Multimicrophone Speech Enhancement paper
Feb 14, 11am Jeff Lai Transformer-XL slides paper
Feb 28, 11am Jaejin Cho An Online Sequence-to-Sequence Model Using Partial Conditioning paper1 paper2
Mar 7, 10am Zhiqi Wang
Mar 14, 11am Aswin Subramanian
Mar 28, 11am Matthew Maciejewski
Apr 11, 11am Ruizhi Li
Apr 18, 11am Nanxin Chen
May 2, 11am Yusuke Fujita