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This reading group is led by Paola and Najim. We read papers related to ASR, speaker identification/verification, and other speech-related areas. The papers/topics covered each week are listed below in reverse chronological order.

Starting Spring 2019, the reading group is listed as a 1-credit course, 520.671 ("Speech Technologies Reading Group"). Contact Paola to get on the mailing list.

Other weekly reading groups led by CLSP faculty are listed on the CLSP wiki's Main Page.

Spring 2019

Monday 10-11:15am, Barton 225.

Feb 11
Introduction to OCR (Jonathan, Ashish)
Chung et al. (2018). Unsupervised Cross-Modal Alignment of Speech and Text Embedding Spaces (Jaejin)
Feb 4
Introduction to ASR (Jinyi, Desh, Ruizhe)
Introduction to speaker verification (Fei, Jiamin, Zili)